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About us

Use your knowledge to ease someone's everyday life

Assistive Technology at KTH is a newly founded non-governmental student association. Our purpose is to develop innovative technical solutions to facilitate everyday life for people with disabilities. In that way bringing awareness and creating long-term interest in the field of assistive technologies.

We search for students that want to use their knowledge to help people in need. After an application process, teams of selected students are paired with clients who live with a disability. Over the course of the project students brainstorm, design, and create a prototype solution for their client.

Board members

Axel Zedigh

Msc Mechanical Engineering – Mechatronics student at KTH.

Hari Hara Sudhan

Vice President

Adithya Rangaraju

Head of Operations

Akanshu Mahajan

Head of Finance

Felix Hardell

Head of HR, founder