The Hand for Diego

In this project, a team of 5 students 3D-printed and assembled an arm for a young boy, Diego, in Honduras. Diego lost part of his arm and hand in 2016 in a factory accident. He was working with a plantain chips machine when he had the misfortune of getting his arm chopped off.

Diego soon contacted Guala. They are a non-profit organization working with 3D-printing printing of prosthetic limbs in Honduras. Through Guala he found out how 3D printing could let him personalize a prosthetic device according to his personality and likes.

Assistive Technology at KTH met with Guala over the internet through a global organization called e-NABLE. They both had a desire of helping people in other countries through the resources and good will that they had to make a change in the world. They conveyed that Diego was the perfect candidate to start a good relationship between the two teams.

The project in pictures:


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