August 24, 2017

Prosthetic Foot

For growing children, waiting three to four months for a foot prosthetic is not feasible. Their steady growth requires a constant stream of new prosthetics, creating a demand for quicker manufacturing methods.

This project aims to utilise 3D printers to manufacture a prosthetic foot, so cutting down on production time.

Ensuring the users comfort and safety are the primary aims of this project. A wide range of materials is required to ensure the prosthetic foot fullfils these aims and delivers user satisfaction. During the project, you will examine several 3D printing techniques involving different combinations of materials that will be in contact with the human body. You will also work with a young user with missing toes and parts of the foot past the ankle.

The main requirements for this project include excellent communication and teamwork skills, along with a basic understanding of material behavior and solid mechanics.