October 1, 2017


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We at Assistive Technology at KTH are now in the process of recruiting new board members! Are you the right person to join this non profit organisation that work towards creating a better and more including society? We are looking for people who want to make a difference and that are passionate about using technology to help people with disabilities. The roles we are recruiting for are Vice President, Head of Operation, Head of Finance and Sponsor Coordinators.


Role descriptions:

Vice President: The role of Vice President includes to take over the President role when the president has been prevented and cannot attend. Together with the President, you are responsible for daily operations, developing and expanding the association. The Vice President shares many of the president’s responsibilities and obligations to the
association. The role also includes to act as First secretary during association and board meetings.

Head of Operation: This role involves searching among our partners for new projects and continuously searching for new partners. Further responsibilities are to determine, together with the board, which projects the association shall start, as well as the recruitment of project managers.

Head of Finance: The head of Finance is responsible for all economic aspects of the association, as well as creating a yearly budget. Other responsibilities involve to keep track of economic incomes/expenses for the association, and keep current sponsors up to date. This role also includes responsibility for correct handling of the associations official paper work.

Sponsor Coordinator: As Sponsor Coordinator you will work in a team with other Sponsor Coordinators, and with Head of Finance, to create multiple income streams for the
association by searching for new business partnerships and searching for potential sponsors.


Please apply to the role/roles you find interesting by clicking this link, and by filling out the document: