August 24, 2017

Stress Sensor

Our goal is to develop a new technology to help persons with acquired brain damage and post-traumatic stress disorder. Stress and anxiety can be destructive for rehabilitation and a problem for a healthy comeback in working life. It is crucial not to push oneself beyond his/hers limits. Therefore we are developing a tailored AI assistant that constantly support this process, monitoring when the user is too stressed or tired and helping him/her to rest through mobile notifications.

During the first year of this project, supported by research conducted by the Affective Computing Group at MIT Media Lab we explored users’ needs and we have developed an APP for IOS devices. In particular we collected user’s physiological data with an Empatica E4 bracelet at the same we trained a machine-learning model. Once the assistant is be trained enough, it is able to predict stressful moment or low energy levels and promptly notify the user suggesting to take some rest.

During the upcoming year, we will explore the capabilities of the developed algorithm through a series of experiments. We are currently developing a new APP for Android and Iphone. Moreover, we will develop our own bracelet tailored for our goal.













Some of the project members:


Project Manager: Elisa Bin





Software Developer: Carlo Rapisarda